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Arts, entertainment and cultural events: something new at each stop.

Caravane d’Afrique is an itinerant festival concept which will be at its 4th edition in June 2014. (2012 Archives, La Charite-sur-Loire)

Caravane d'Afrique is an itinerant festival concept which will be at its 4th edition in June 2014. (2012 Archives, La Charite-sur-Loire) 

Caravane d'Afrique is an itinerant festival concept, constantly reviewed, adapted and improved, which will be at its fourth edition in June 2014.

The event features indoor musical concerts and other artistic activities through various urban or rural districts.

Amtha Kol, live show management-consultant and Caravane d'Afrique host artist, presents the 2013 edition on Rcf Nièvre radio (in French).

For an increased visibility on African Cultures

Caravane d'Afrique could be described as a series of awakening events and meetings designed to give an increased visibility on African cultures through the promotion of various cultural exchanges:

Caravane d'Afrique showcases top level concerts and shows, exhibitions, workshops on African rhythms and sounds, on African tales, a radio broadcasts series, a TV and film project, and more to come.

Sharing the stage in a friendly way

Each year, Amtha Kol invites various artists to get onboard Caravane d'Afrique and share a friendly stage with her. There was thus far, in the programme of previous editions, such artists as Stan Tohon, or the excellent drummer and percussionist Fôô Fanick Dr. Drums.

Among the artists on the concert programme of the 4th edition of Caravane d'Afrique, scheduled for the 7th June, 2014 we are delighted to announce the exceptional participation of Manu Dibango.

Video extract from Caravane d’Afrique 2013 throughout several municipalities and in concert at the Casino of Pougues-les-Eaux.

Conviviality between artists and sharing ease with the audience and local authorities who also, as you can see, are talented! : This 13-minute video presents fragments of life excerpts from a previous edition of Caravane d’Afrique. From the 5th minute forth, we dive into the stage and room atmosphere of the Caravane d'Afrique musical concert at our partner's Pougues-les-Eaux Planetarium Casino, with top artists Amtha Kol, Fôô Fanick Dr Drums, Stan Tohon, the dancer on stilts Kodjo from Togo, the Dy traditional dance company from the Ivory-Coast and many other artists, for a foretaste of what awaits you on the 7th June 2014 (our next concert).