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The Gospel Africa House

The Gospel Africa House, in Champvoux, territorial division of Nièvre (Burgundy.)

The Gospel Africa House is a cultural institution established since 2009 in Champvoux, in the French territorial division of Nièvre (Burgundy.)

The feedback on my endeavours for the awakening of cultures begins well, very well. The audience is delighted. This is a prove that the work I have been doing on raising awareness about African music through my Gospel House is useful and that it is still necessary to stir the audience’s curiosity and sympathy about discovering other surprising and happy cultural experiences,"

said Amtha Kol, head of the Gospel Africa House, in an interview with the Journal du Centre (11th  July 2011.)

The Gospel Africa House is run, since its creation, by the singer-songwriter and live show management-consultant Amtha Kol, who is its mainspring and spine.