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Stan Tohon interview
Stan Tohon answering to Amtha Kol's questions for RCF Radio, on 8th June, 2014 in Nevers.

Beninese top African artist Stan Tohon answers to Amtha Kol’s questions for a RCF radio programme on the day after Caravane d’Afrique 7th June 2014 concert..

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Stan Tohon and his Waterdrums
If you come to Cotonou and you recommend yourself as being my friend, then ...

In this interview recorded by Clement Lawson on 12th March 2014, Stan Tohon talks about his preparation to perform on stage at Caravane d’Afrique 2014.

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Jacques Bolognesi Guest of Honour of Caravane d’Afrique 2014
The arrangements of Amtha Kol’s song Kuede were made by multi-instrumentalist Jacques Bolognesi.

Festival director Amtha Kol was dreaming of having Jacques Bolognesi as Guest of Honour of the 4th editon of Caravane d’Afrique. Her dream came true.

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