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Arts, entertainment and cultural events: something new at each stop.

Each and every year, Amtha Kol invites other talented artists on-board Caravane d’Afrique

Amtha Kol invites talented artists on-board Caravane d’Afrique: performing here in Charite-sur-Loire, 2012, with Alodo dance company from Togo.

Caravane d'Afrique offers indoor concerts and a variety of other artistic activities in an educational scope, through various urban or rural municipalities or districts.

For increased visibility of African cultures and mutually fruitful artistic exchange

Before being a festival that is making its way since its creation in 2011, Caravane d'Afrique is a state of mind. It could then be described as as a series of awakening events and meeting oportunities designed to give increased visibility to various African cultures.

Caravane d'Afrique aims, at the same time, at promoting enthusiastic and mutually fruitful exchanges in a friendly atmosphere, between the various artists on the one hand, and at generating public enthusiasm on the other.

Caravane d'Afrique showcases top level concerts and shows, exhibitions, workshops on African rhythms and sounds, on African tales, a radio broadcasts series, a TV and film project, and more to come.

Sharing the stage in all friendliness

Each and every year, singer-songwriter Amtha Kol invites other talented artists on-board Caravane d'Afrique, with whom she willingly shares the stage in all friendliness.