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A few video clips relating to Amtha Kol's Gospel Tour 2014
This article contains 3 video clips of Amtha Kol’s Gospel Tour 2014, which started on 27th April in the Roman Catholic Church parish of Corbigny, in Burgundy.
4th Caravane d’Afrique Guest of Honour Jacques Bolognesi
Festival director Amtha Kol was dreaming of having Jacques Bolognesi as Guest of Honour of the 4th editon of Caravane d’Afrique. Her dream came true.
Preparations on track for an exceptional 2014 edition
Preparations are well underway for the 4th edition of Caravane d’Afrique, with a great concert on 7th June, 2014 at the Casino of Pougues-les-Eaux, France.
The Gospel Africa House
The Gospel Africa House is a cultural institution established since 2009 in Champvoux, in the French territorial division of Nièvre (Burgundy.)
What is Caravane d'Afrique
Caravane d’Afrique is a convivial and proprietary cultural concept launched in 2011 by the singer-songwriter Amtha Kol.
Amtha Kol’s Thank You Baba (Thank You Lord) music-video
This afro-jazz gospel song, written composed and masterfully performed by Amtha Kol, appears on the first track of her recently released album My Best Friend.
Stan Tohon Guest Artist 2014 and his Gota Waterdrums from Benin
In this interview recorded by Clement Lawson on 12th March 2014, Stan Tohon talks about his preparation to perform on stage at Caravane d’Afrique 2014.
The vision and mission of Caravane d'Afrique
Caravane d'Afrique offers indoor concerts and a variety of other artistic activities in an educational scope, through various urban or rural municipalities or districts.

 Serge Fattoh Elleingand, l'incontournable, un Homme très simple.


Serge Fattoh, un animateur présentateur que l'on n présente plus.

Conseiller aux programmes, responsable du pôle musique TELESUD.

TELESUD, La Première Chaîne de Télévision Panafricaine.

Canaux de réception en France : FREEBOX 167 - NEUFBOX 556